Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.

 Philippians 4:6-7


One of the girls that works at Bless with us is leaving us this week for good. 😦 She has only been with us for a couple months, but she has decided to embark on an 11 month journey to 11 different countries across the world to spread the word of God and simply put, to help people in need. The reason I chose this bible verse as my headline is because I can tell she’s nervous about her trip. We can all tell she’s nervous. But honestly, wouldn’t be?? She is going across the world where she won’t know if she has a place to stay, doesn’t know if she’ll even enjoy it, and will be away from her family and friends for 11 months. I know she is going to do GREAT though, and she will do great things. She has such a kind heart and loving spirit that I know this is perfect for her. We wish her the best and can’t wait to read all about it on her blog! You can follow it at:

This week was a lot of fun! We did a lot of merchandising around the store, as well as mannequin changes!

photo 1-13

Above is a picture of the post we did on Facebook and Instagram for our promotional sale where all earrings were 50% off! I want about one of each.. or more. 🙂

photo 1-14

These are the middle room mannequins that I changed. I wanted to do a July 4th theme, but not go with the obvious red, white, and blue. So I chose a light pink, cream, and navy. Who says you can’t be patriotic in pink and navy..?

photo 1-12

I also moved the give-back table around and made some changes. For example, if you saw my previous post, there were two mannequins on either side of the table. I was tired of looking at those, as were the other Bless girls, so we decided it was time for a change!

photo 2-11

photo 3-11

These are some close ups of the give back table.

photo 5-7

I also rearranged the bottom shelf of the table. I like it a lot better this way! Not as overwhelming!

photo 3-12

These are the mannequins we put in the window for the 4th of July display! I am going to keep them up until next week is over with!

photo 5-8

We also put out some candles and straightened up the FEED bags area.

photo 4-10

These are just a few of our Pink Pewter headbands we got in this past week. OMG, girls go crazy over these.. no joke. I can’t even count how many we’ve sold since we posted these on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram, please feel free to like/follow us!

Our facebook page is:

Our Instagram is @BlessCookeville

Why wouldn’t you swoon over these gorgeous beaded headbands? They dress up every outfit with little to no effort!

We also ship for a $5.00 flat rate if anyone would like to order 🙂

Once again,

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!



Week 5 of Internship

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